Fuel supply &logistics

Bevers & Co., founded in 1993, is an experienced business solutions provider to the petroleum industry. Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies such as Exxon Chemical and Tetra Technology Oil & Gas Services, LyondellBasell-Houston Refining, Mansfield Oil Company have been using Bevers & Co. business/market development, marketing consulting services, Internet eBusiness solutions and eCommerce applications since 1993 to manage their core business operations as well as marketing, business development, sales and data information/transactions, with their trading partners and customers.


supply Sourcing

An effective supply sourcing strategy can help a fuel marketing company deal with strategic supply chain challenges such as constrained capacity, infrastructure and volatile markets. Bevers & Co. can help you navigate these challenging issues. We help you make the right decisions about which markets to buy from, how to determine the right price to pay and what benchmarks and targets will provide the right competitive edge.


Transportation scheduling

The complexity of risk management in logistics and transportation planning is increasing rapidly. Demand forecasting and planning coupled with inventory management and procurement form the crux of a successful supply chain strategy. Bevers & Co. provides the expertise to help clients’ procurement requirements using rail, pipelines, barges and trucking. We have the expertise to direct your project needs from the conceptual stage to its execution. 



Terminals in the distribution chain provide temporary storage for refined products for eventual redistribution to smaller bulk plants closer to end users and to directly supply large commercial accounts. Bevers & Co. can assist your company with plans for the assessment, development, construction, and operations of a fuel wholesaling and terminal storage business. Our primary objective is to help you lower fuel costs, maximize terminal operations and revenue, and ultimately improve fuel margins and consistency of supply.