Instructions for setting up Outlook e-mail inbox using 1and1 settings and e-mail addresses only

Step 1: Go to Control Panel - For Windows 8 users this is accomplished by pointing cursor at lower right corner of screen and clicking on the sprocket icon for settings, from there, choose control panel. Double click the Mail Setup icon.


Step 2: Click on new account with manual settings

Step 3: Enter e-mail settings specific to 1and1 as shown, then click more settings

Step 4-6: Name the account, set the authentication for SMTP, and advanced settings


Step 7: Test account. If successful, you are ready to go. If it fails, there is a possibility your Internet provider may have one or both ports 995 and 587 blocked. We will have to contact tech support at 1and1 for alternates.

PASSWORD CHANGE: Log on to webmail at and you can change your password under the configuration module (see image)

password change.PNG